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Thank You!!!

My success is our success:

My friends and family
You know who you are, and you know what you did.

Tatiana Villa
Do you like Hardened Hearts’ cover? Me too! I had three opportunities to change it, but never used any of them… the first was the best. Thank you Tatiana!!

John Low
I am a fairly smart woman, but the formatting of a book in order to have it published electronically was… ugh. John saved my world when he took over the formatting for me. Thank you John!

Kathy Hoffman
She knew me before, she knows me know, has never been afraid to kick my butt when I deserve it, and believes in me when I forget to believe in myself. This website is proof of that unwavering support. Thank you Kathy!

Yeah, you! You have either read, are going to read, or are deciding to read something I’ve written. You bought the book (soon to be books), you looked up the website, and you have my sincerest thanks for helping support my dream. In every since of the word, by supporting me, by supporting my dream, you are a dream maker.

Thank you for helping my dream come true.