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I would say welcome, but that just sounds... weird.

If you've found this site, you've either heard of Senator Brenner's Do-Gooder Teams, read the first book (Hardened Hearts), or spelled something wrong. In either case, I'm excited that you were either interested enough (or unlucky enough) to read this far.

So that you know a little about me (because it doesn't look like I can get out of this without sounding like I'm filling out a dating website questionnaire)... I grew up in my grand-parent's house. Have you ever experienced life as a teenager living in a house with two chain-smoking, news-watching, never-talking 70-somethings? I did - - and as a life-long chatterbox, it was what ended up being the start of my ability to escape my reality and find someplace all my own. I'm not saying I didn't love my grandparents, quite the opposite. In fact, to this day, I credit them with (in their own way) helping get me started with my writing.
I began writing, by reading. My grandmother was an avid reader of rogue-pirate-warrior-with-a-heart-of-gold kind of books. In the spirit of honesty, I read some of them. Okay, I read a lot of them. But after a while, I was bored. How many times can the misunderstood pirate and his heart of gold kidnap and fall in love with the kind-hearted pillar of society? Then, one day, a small town sheriff with emotional scars and a scrappy woman on the run from her past changed my world. Ah yes, the power of the contemporary who-dunnit romantic suspense novels had me hooked.

When I read more books than were brought into the house, I had no choice. I had to start writing my own material. My first stories (they were in no way considered anything BUT short-stories) were handwritten on yellowed sketchpad paper I found in the coffee table. Somewhere around my junior year I graduated to an IBM Select typewriter. Oh my goodness – when I found the beauty that was the school's library computers and printers – I was a goner.

Those stories are still packed away in a box in my closet, and when I need a good laugh, you had better believe I pull out that box and thumb through them.

Fast forward a few (ok, a lot) of years, and after a friend found out my deep dark guilty writing pleasure, Hardened Hearts became an actual book. As a first attempt, I am begrudgingly proud. My teammates, my heroes the women that love them, are my world on display now, and I cringe when mistakes are pointed out or someone doesn't love them as much as I do. Yet, those very mistakes are currently in the process of being corrected, and will ultimately make me a better author for the next book, and the book after that. Those of you that do love Harrison, and Austin, and Sharp, and Gage, and.. well... you know... as much as I do have helped me as much as my grandparents did all those years ago - - and I cannot thank you enough for wanting to read about them as much as I want to write about them.