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Cosmo vs. Crunch Berries

My life as a published writer didn’t actually start until about five years ago… partly in response to the many people who always said, “you’re going to need to live a life of your own once the boys are grown”.  It took a little bit to remember what it’s like to have time to myself.

What’s not hard to remember?  Chasing a two-year-old around.  Thanks to Cosmo, my Cockatoo who almost a year ago moved from my parent’s house to mine, all the memories of living with a toddler have come flooding back.

Cocaktoos, as cute as they are, have the mentality of a two-year-old.  He cannot be locked up all day, which means, he roams amongst the family.  He barks at the dogs, he tries to bite their tails, he either loves or hates the boys at any given moment.  He tries to eat things he shouldn’t, loudly declares when he’s not happy, leaves a trail of broken toys throughout the house, and will just stop and poop whenever the need hits.

He also loves sugar… and keeping in mind that these birds have stomachs the size of walnut shells means that three cereal “berries” can lead to an afternoon of hyper-chaotic-overactive-hell.

He ran, laughed, and jumped.  He hung upside down and growled.  He chased Justin with an empty paper towel roll, and he climbed on Dominic’s shoulders to scream at the top of his lungs (which if you don’t know – these birds can be heard up to 2 miles away) and flung water at the vacuum cleaner.

Oh happy days.  I never thought I’d miss the time he sat on my chest and cuddled – making it hard to reach the keyboard… or the day he sat on top of his cage and laughed at the birds outside… or even the day I was a little jealous he wanted to love on Dominic more than he wanted to love on me.

Cosmo taught my boys in one day to do what I’ve been begging for years – wash out your cereal bowls when you’re done eating.  Ugh.