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Free Time = Writing Time. Not.

There is a running joke in my house… I (as a single parent) raised my oldest son to the age of 18 without any major surgery, mishap, or emergency room trips.  The VERY DAY he turned 18 – he cracked his kneecap in two places, ripped not one but 3 ligaments, tendons in his leg, and required surgery. 

Two years later (to the month) I found myself in the family waiting room for a second surgery.  This time – his shoulder. 

The difference was this time, there would be no one in the waiting room with me.  Partly by design, partly just circumstance. 

So I packed.  I took two books, a magazine, my laptop, a pad of paper, and plenty of ideas.  I’m in the first chapters of Book #4 – so this will be nothing but prime writing time – right?


Not only did I never open my laptop, I think I somehow lost both of the books I brought in the waiting room, a toddler ripped up my magazine while I was deciding between trail mix and salsa flavored chips at the vending machine, and the Ink Master marathon was one I’d already seen.

In the week immediately following, life was a little like when I first brought him home from the hospital 20 years ago.  I slept when he slept – which was rarely.  I cried when he cried.  I hurt when he hurt.

Not a single word was written.

But, I’m ok with it.  I heard once that writing time counts in many different ways – and one of those ways is in brainstorming.  In my sleep deprived, mentally unstable, and pizza craving state I managed to plug a plot hole, change the color of my heroine’s hair, change it back, and figure out who my bad guy (girl?) is and what he (or she?) wants.

Basically, in ignoring the writer’s block I’d been suffering from – the ideas came flooding back.  A week later, my son is playing video games (or as best he can with one arm in a sling), and complaining that his bandages itch. 

Me?  Well, I’m writing again, and complaining that I forgot to buy wine on my last grocery store trip.

So in a nutshell – things are slowly returning to (our version) of normal.

Until next time, stay weird - author's need a pool of characters to draw from.