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Coming Soon... Shadowed Secrets

I know, I know… I’ve been saying that for months. But I promise it’s coming!

Between work life, mom life, niece life, treasurer life, and writer life… I’ve been so swamped. I’m taking eye of the storm, to-do lists a mile long, dogs wondering why they haven’t been walked every morning kind of chaos.

Something had to give, and sadly, for longer than I wanted, it was Sharp and Sawyer. Our smooth-talking Irishman of the Teams who has finally found his match in strong-willed Sawyer O’Connell. They had the easy part of the process – finding each other, falling in love, battling against shadows filled with danger, and overcoming secrets to find love…

… I have the hard part in getting them out of my computer and into your e-readers.

After reorganizing my life a little (a lot) I have finally found that time. A few beta readers have already had a peek, and the response has been amazing. So give me just a little bit of time to get it formatted and set, and he’ll be all yours.

Want more details about our favorite Irishman? Here is a little something to help wet your whistle:

Sawyer O’Connell runs her life and her business with an iron fist and a strict schedule. Colin Sharp is a man with a laid-back reputation, despite his position within a combat troubleshooting team. When Sawyer’s life is threatened, Sharp is called in to protect her. Can Sharp convince Sawyer to give up control enough to save her from dangers unknown, or will shadowed secrets steal their chance at love?

Not enough? Ok, how about this random snippet:
She slept, albeit fitfully. This morning, after dressing, packing, and stepping out of her room, she expected to find him standing there waiting for her as he did every morning. Instead, she found an empty hallway. So, she stood, outside his door, her bags by her side, afraid to face him the day after melting down in his arms. Nice arms, but still...

Sawyer took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock.

Before her knuckles made contact with the door, it opened. Sharp stood before her, breathless, wet, and wrapped in a towel. Sawyer knew she was staring, but could not stop. His business slacks, button down shirts and loosely knotted ties did everything to hide his physique.

This man had muscles. Many muscles. She remembered the feeling of them from the previous day, but seeing them - up close and personal - had her tongue-tied. Besides the tan skin, defined body, Sharp also had a Celtic cross tattooed on his upper arm, and several small scars scattered across his upper arms and chest.

"Sawyer." He snapped his fingers in front of her face to get her attention. "Get in here. The last thing I need is to give that clerk any ideas."

"What is going on?" She found her voice as she grabbed the handle of her bag and followed Sharp into his room. His suitcase was open on his bed, clothes neatly folded inside. Steam billowed out of the bathroom, cut off only when he stepped back in and closed the door behind him.

"Went downstairs to the hotel gym." His muffled voice sounded from behind the bathroom door.

"Gee, I feel safe," she muttered. Walking over to the bed, she sat next to his open suitcase. The man was a mess this morning. He was not frazzled, but was definitely running full force to play catch-up.

She frowned down at a plain brown file partially sticking out from under this suitcase on the bed. When she heard the bathroom door open, she looked up, pulling her hand away from the file.

"Don’t start with me,” he snapped. “You aren't supposed to leave your room without me. Damn near broke my toe jumping out of the shower to grab you in the hallway when your alarm went off." His voice was calm, but the tone spoke volumes, as he returned to the small bath area.

"Yeah, it's my fault." She tilted her head and lifted her brow. Once the bathroom door closed, she pulled at the file again.

Opening it, she hesitated focusing on the words, feeling a moment of shame.

Then she saw her name.