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The Art of Dating…I Mean Writing

So, it turns out, I kind of get around town.

Ok, not really. But if books were any indication of my dating style, it would seem that I am footloose and fancy free. I get a little… antsy, I guess is the best way to describe me during various stages of the writing process.

When I’m researching, I’m not really that connected. Research a little here, research a little there, it’ll get done. I’m pretty mellow about the whole thing.

When I’m writing, I’m consumed. I must write. There are sticky notes all over my car’s dashboard. My purse is crammed full of notes, reminders, and napkins that ideas from the current book that spawn my interest into the next book. This is my love phase… with a little death and danger thrown in for good measure. I come up for air only when my kids remind me it’s time to eat, or my laptop runs out of juice.

When I’m in the editing phase, I’m a pain in the butt. I hate editing. I fight it. A lot. There is a fighting around this time. We’re talking cursing, accusations, disbelief, distrust, and jealously over how easy other writers make it appear. You name it, I experience it.

But… before the book is out and ready for you, there is that small period of someone else editing and tearing apart my book. This is when the cover is designed, the blurb is written, and the almost overwhelming urge to leave is born. It’s at this stage, I’m already looking over this book to the calendar to mark when I can leave this one, and say “hellllooooo!” to the next one.

So what stage am I in now? Well, Shadowed Secrets, the story of our favorite Irishman Colin Sharp is in the hands of an editor, I’ve emailed some ideas to my amazing cover designer, and the blurb is written:

Sawyer O’Connell runs her life and her business with an iron fist and a strict schedule. Colin Sharp is a man with a laid-back reputation, despite his position within a combat troubleshooting team. When Sawyer’s life is threatened, Sharp is called in to protect. Can Sharp convince Sawyer to give up control enough to save her from danger, or will shadowed secrets steal their chance at love?

From where I stand, that means it’s time to do a little flirting a little with my next man – I mean book. What do we think about the ever mysterious Gage getting a chance to stand in the spotlight?

I'll start eyeing Gage, but you should keep an eye out for Shadowed Secrets. It'll be ready for you about mid-December!