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Arriving Soon...

He came, he conquered, he fell in love.  

Colin Sharp, the man with the Irish brogue is next in line to have his story told... and as of this week, his story is done!  He is such an amazing man, as you know from his appearances in Hardened Hearts and Austin's Apology.  Smart, funny, insightful, I thought I knew him well, but as I wrote, he surprised even me in this book.  

For starters, he was originally scheduled to be book four in the series.  But each time I tried to work on Gage, my original book three, I struggled.  Gage and I fought, I cursed, I cried, and he laughed at me from the blank screen.  Sharp on the other hand, walked in, and wrote himself in three months.

Sharp also changed his story.  Originally planned with a political background, Sharp's story turned into a story of control, self-discovery, and an appreciation for family both biological and adopted.  

Our favorite Irishman is joined on his journey by Sawyer O'Connell.  I felt like for a man of such strong sense of self, he needed an equally strong woman.  Not that Harper and Addison weren't strong in their books, but Sawyer's strength needed to be different somehow.  So hers was forged from a lifetime of independence, and that confidence that attracts Sharp to her cracks a little over their story.  

As they work their way through their story, she learns that it's ok to lean on someone else for help, as he is learns he doesn't always need to rush in on a white horse. 

His story is written, so now the hard part begins.  The editing, the revisions, and the cover work are about to begin.  So keep your eye out for Shadowed Secrets.  It'll be hitting the e-Book shelves soon.

Oh!  There might be something to what whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing because Gage is finally speaking to me again.  I don't think his arrival is too far behind!