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When To Give Up


Never stop writing, never stop dreaming, never drown out the voices in your head that ultimately become your hero, heroine, funny sidekick, or ultimate villain. That having been said, if you do find yourself wanting to empty the dishwasher more than you want to write, or that last episode of reality TV seems just oh-so-appealing instead of finding happily ever after for your characters… then it might be time to take a break.

Not from writing of course, but maybe from that character. While I’m currently writing a “series” (they don’t have to be read in order though), I found that book three, Gage, whom I’ve had the hots for since Hardened Hearts, just wasn’t working. 11,000 words were written, scrapped, rewritten, cursed at, and sent out to friends and family for thoughts.

That wasn’t helpful either. Some liked version 1 better than version 2. Some wanted version 3 to start off like version 1 but end like version 2. Other wanted...

That’s when I realized I’d written the prologue to the same book four different times. (No one liked version 4 for the record.) Sometimes, the best laid plans are just that… plans. Plans can be changed, altered, and rewritten. Three months and I never seemed to get further than Chapter 2.

I was in love with Harrison (Hardened Hearts) when I wrote his story. Austin (Austin’s Apology) and I had to warm up to each other. My third team member to find love, Gage, we had a plan, but now… we’re on a time-out. I still love him, and I still know his story, it’s just not his time. It turns out, the plans I had for him… just aren’t ready yet. But that’s okay, because it has left the door wide open for another team member to find his happily ever after.

The time I wasted fighting to get Gage’s story down on paper was a lesson learned, because a different team member has picked up Cupid’s arrow and is running full force towards the woman who holds his heart. Once I stopped fighting with one character, it allowed another to shine, which is how I found myself writing until 1 in the morning even though my alarm is set for 5:30.

So, never stop writing, just... write something different until you stop being stuck. I guess it’s true what writers say... we can’t control the crazy, we can only write it down.