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A Cheating Writer

Ok, admittedly, I am obsessed with writing. I think about it all of the time. In the shower, on the drive to work, at work, on the drive home, while making dinner, in the middle of the night...

That having been said, I also write a bi-weekly blog post for single moms. I'm an office manager for a family law firm. I have two teenage kids and three rambunctious dogs. I'm also the oldest of seven siblings and am in the midst of massive family drama. So finding time to write is hit or miss. Normally I try and get some writing done in the evenings, but I, like most people, tend to get distracted by Facebook, Twitter, emails, kids, dogs, dinner, etc. I was doing pretty well in the mornings before work, but then it got cold, and my bed was soooo warm.

Then there's the problem of my own mind. Brenner's Do-Gooders on the Teams are my first loves. Harper/Harrison, the now finished - and soon to be published - Austin/Addy, and a decent start on Gage's story have lead to ideas on the rest of the teams. (Did you know Austin has a sister? I did – and she has her own book in the series. Who will she end up with? Well, knowing how I name my characters, and her name is Macy – I'll let you figure out who she falls for.)

But... and oh what a mighty big but, I have a problem. See, there is another series I've had in mind, but until recently haven't done more than outline it. It'll be the Culver Cove series.

Is it weird to feel like I'm cheating on the Teams? What little writing time I've had lately seems to be spent at the Cove instead of on base with the Teams. And I do feel like I'm cheating. As a hardcore reader, I know the pain of having my favorite author take a break in a series to write something I don't read. But suddenly, their defection seems to makes so much sense. I don't love Gage any less than I loved Harrison, but Kole, Brody, Jaxene and the rest of the Culver siblings... they're all becoming such a powerful pull!

In either case, there'll be no shortage of books anytime soon. I guess that means I need to find time – in the morning, in the evening, or somewhere in-between – so that I can get these voices out of my head... and make room for more!